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FoodCycler FC-30

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FoodCycler™ FC-30

The state-of-the-art solution to your food waste problem.

The FoodCycler™ FC-30 is the only odorless, easy to use and maintain, environmentally friendly, short-cycle, in-home composting unit available. In as little as 3 hours, kitchen scraps can be reduced by up to 90% into a highly mature, nutrient-rich soil amendment – ideal for gardening applications! 

Watch the FoodCycler in Action!


    Our system uses a special formula of activated carbon to keep the naturally potent smells of food waste contained, and your space free from its lingering odour.


    Push a button, and create a safe & natural soil or lawn amendment. It’s a simple solution to the serious problem of food waste, and its ease-of-use makes it even easier to love.


    In less time than it takes to defrost a chicken, you can turn food scraps into sterile and safe soil amendment. Transform your dinner into potent, organic fertilizer for your garden before bedtime!


    Instead of throwing away hundreds of dollars of food every year, turn your food waste into natural soil amendment for your garden. What you don’t eat can be used to grow something you will!


    Lightweight, odourless, and compact, the FoodCycler™ can be used anywhere - not just the kitchen. Put it where you have room, and let it effectively and discreetly work it’s magic.


    Using less electricity than a small microwave oven, our units feature sensory technology that ensures energy is used efficiently, and minimally. It's part of our commitment to eco-driven technology.

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No More Waste - Excellent

So now I have had the FoodCycler a couple of days less than a month. We have composted various items, fats from meats like steak, chicken bones and whatever was left on the bones, various scrap veggies, popcorn, coffee grounds, skins from fruits, basically any and all of our table scraps. The FoodCycler has worked flawlessly. When they say it takes 3 to 6 hours it would be better stated at 5 to 6 hours. We run our at night and it is always done in the morning. We have had garburators in the past and I have always thought "what a waste", may-be that's why they call one the "Waste King". Also if you have had a garburator you may have also experienced problems with them and generally those problems cost a lot of time, money and inconvenience. My recommendation spend a little more money and buy a FoodCycler! So it is the middle of winter here and everything is covered in snow. So I have been bagging my compost from the FoodCycler and will wait until spring to use it with our flowers and garden, no more waste!

Michelle W.

Money Well Spent

I love the Food Cycler - we live in a northern climate that had us creating a huge pile of compost throughout the winter, trying to get it all to compost during our few short months of warm weather. It would attract pest etc due to the long time frame. The FoodCycler makes it so the amount of waste going out is much, much smaller, and since it is dried it's not an attractant, and can also be contained easily. In the summer, we can just toss it in the garden and be done with it. Easy to use! Gets sticky if too much fruit waste is put into one load (like making fruit leather), but otherwise anything comes out more or less looking like loose leaf tea. Machine is quiet and has little to no smell.

Virginia M.
United States

Food Cycler

I have been so excited using my Food Cycler. It has eliminated a lot of food scraps going into my garbage. It dries down to a little bit of nothing and works well in the composter. It also has helped with the little gnats in my kitchen!!! Thank you for your product.

shauna h.
United States

A game changer

The unit finally arrived after a bit of a wait (the product is obviously popular!) and put it to the test: mostly chicken bones and carrot tops. A full bucket overnight turned into about a cup and a half of compost that looked like stringy brown sugar. There were a few bits left that clearly were bone but nothing that I wouldn't put straight into my garden. (Which I did.) There were no odors from the process and the compost did not smell. For a household that cooks, it probably would have to be run every day as the cast iron bucket it pretty small. We are weekenders where we have the unit and I will be delighted to not arrive on Friday to a stinky can of garbage waiting to go to the dump. Our landfill is actually now just a transfer station to some other place. Best to take care of our own mess right here at home. My garden will be pleased, too. A game changer.

Dee E.
United States

Wonderful tool

I couldn't be happier. It takes the stinky stuff from my kitchen to the compost pile and makes it easier and healthier to have compost ready to go.

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