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FoodCycler Users Love Their Machine

  • What CAN the FoodCycler process?

    • Meat, fish, shellfish and poultry scraps
    • Most fruit and vegetable scraps
    • Cereals and grains
    • Cheese
    • Beans, seeds and legumes
    • Chicken and fish bones
    • Coffee grounds, filters and tea bags
    • Eggs and eggshells
    • Pet food
  • What CAN'T the FoodCycler process?

  • In limited quantities...

  • What is the cost of electricity?

  • What is the FoodCycler's processing capacity?

  • What is the FoodCycler's processing time?

  • Can the FoodCycler process bones?

  • Why isn't the end product in powder form?

  • What’s the cooling function?

  • Can I add food to the FoodCycler once I've already started a cycle?

  • Can I open the lid on the FoodCycler during the process to see what's going on?

  • Is it okay to empty the bucket as soon as the timer says the FoodCycler is done?

  • Why is my FoodCycler emitting an odor?

  • Can I put my FoodCycler in the dishwasher?

  • Can I use the end product in my garden?

  • What happens to the methane gasses?

FoodCycler Users Love Their Machine

FoodCycler customer

Absolutely Love It!

I originally bought it expecting to reduce food scraps and any spoilage that I was putting into curbside recycling, but quickly discovered that the end product is so little that I have reduced curbside recycling to almost nothing. In the winter I put the results of what comes out into my cats litter boxes (they like it) along with their litter, and in the warmer months it goes in my compost heap at the back of my property. Love it!

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